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Culburra House: The BIG Steel!

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So, apparently, nothing gets a tradie’s heart pounding so much as when there’s a crane on site. And we like to see our builders happy! This bad boy heaved in the steel frames, followed by some serious glass for the windows. For anyone interested in stats, there is 6 tonnes of steel sitting on 22m2 of concrete footings, with 12,000 bolts. Each window contains 87kg of glass, with the big daddy of them all (for the dining room) weighing in at 97kg, and is 10.38mm thick. Thank heaven for the crane!


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Culburra House: Holiday Fairy Helpers!

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Culburra House: Meet Our Rock Star Builders

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Anyone who has ever attempted to have building work carried out of any size – from a full-scale new-build, to adding an extension, to knocking down a single wall – knows the wonder of an excellent builder.

We have been lucky enough to work with an incredible team of builders at Benchmark Building & Design and their subbies. Huge thanks go to Troy (who’s running the project), his business partner Pete and apprentice Dane, whose endless enthusiasm, dedication, hard work and patience (and this is just an abridged version of their awesome approach) have kept the project running stress-free.

We couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

P.S. Anyone would think by the camera-dodging in these images that they’re a shy bunch…not so!


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Culburra House: Continuing Demo

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A couple more shots of the demo – viewing the daylight through what was the master bedroom, wardrobe, bathroom, laundry, kitchen and dining rooms!  Almost ready for the new steel frame to go up (technical drawings included for any tech buffs out there)!


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Culburra House: It’s All Mine & It’s Demo Time!

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With the house all mine at last – demolition is underway! Not one to waste a moment, we immediately called in the builders and got to work on the structure of the house: raising the roof and digging deep footings to support the new deck and the ingoing steel. It all seems a bit extreme but I suppose it’s better than a slow slide down the cliff in years to come!  So, under the early Spring sun and the watchful eye of Ted the Groodle, the monster digger and mulching trucks arrived, and the walls, windows, ceilings and roof were removed tile by tile, slab by slab. It’s scary to see a house in a skeletal state but every time I look upon that incredible view, it stirs my courage and stays my resolve to press on!


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