French Style

The first thing Debra thinks of when talking French provincial interior design are the beautifully muted greyed tones and the furniture that has aged gracefully. Rustic farmhouse sophistication and charm, gorgeous armoires, chic home wares, and the authentic warmth and understated style that contrasts between dressy and casual. Perhaps the reason it is easily one of the most desired styles in homes around the globe today. 

“The world has an enduring love affair with France,” says Debra. “It’s hard to resist the charm of its provincial villages or it’s chic urbane lifestyle, not to mention its fashion and food! The thing I especially love about the French is that they are daring and not afraid of creating new styles. Even if it is croissants at the patisserie or vegetables in a market stall, their presentation is superb!”. Fused with elements of interior decorating we have French Provincial Interior Decorating.

Always daring in her own approach, Debra and her team are giving French provincial design a contemporary twist, seamlessly marrying elements of the style with modern pieces. Consider taking an antique French provincial chair and recovering it in a stunning bold fabric by Kvadrat Maharam or perhaps using a cluster of classic French mirrors as a bathroom focal point! Truly inspired in her design and passionate about complementing the truth of the French provincial interior design style and all it stands for.

Even in her own home Debra has perfectly captured the essence of the French Provincial interior design style; grass grows through paving stones, vines peep from her rooftop, architectural elements are interwoven with greenery so that one is not clearly separated from the other. And indoors a combination of antiques and careful reproductions continue the French provincial feel. The mixture of pieces in each room is brought together organically, be it by an antique patina or a paint effect that shows a multi-layeredness. One can’t help but be moved by this designer’s passion and be infected by her excitement in the find of something old and rusty, or by a beautiful old provincial piece that shows layers of peeling paint and character.

Every element speaks of its past but is well and truly at home in the present.