Vintage Style

Vintage interior design is a style Debra Cronin Design subscribes to, for it’s values and for all it represents in today’s world of design. An effortless way to be green, it bucks against consumerism and the notion of buying a piece for its trendiness and throwing it out for something new when it is no longer fashionable. 

Warm and comfortable, relaxed with a hint of nostalgia, Debra knows how to deliver to her clients. When it comes to vintage interior design pieces Debra knows her mind, “There’s something to be said for an object that has been well used and loved. I am always on the hunt for the perfect vintage design pieces to re-purpose and enjoy in my own home and in the homes of my clients. Something unusual with peeling paint and all worn and battered, in my eyes, can be richer in interest and value than an expensive ‘designer’ piece or even objects made from superior materials. I find such pleasure in knowing a piece of furniture has already lived a life and that I can create another life for it. The history and character, the beautiful imperfection of a fitting vintage interior design piece is a wonderful way to add interest and perhaps a little whimsy to any home.”

Though traditional in style, ‘Vintage interior design’ is more than just using pretty ornaments from yesteryear. When used with purpose in mind, these pieces can create interest and individuality to what could be a dull, personality free space. Perfect conversation pieces, these unusual collections are to Debra, like works of art, gaining meaning out of being part of a group. “If you think of a solitary old bottle, it can seem out of place or odd where, as part of a collection of bottles, varying in size and shape but perhaps similar in colour, there is significance, visual balance achieved and interest created.”

Accomplished vintage interior designs are all about evoking a ‘feeling’ and creating what we all crave in today’s busy world – the idea of coming home, kicking off our shoes and relaxing in a space where we can switch off from the stress and pressure. There is nothing more pleasurable than finding that peace in ones home, and for a designer who loves nothing more than a little patina and well-worn chic, we know Debra knows this well.