An Obsession With Collecting!

While documenting and photographing my much loved bits and pieces, it’s become plainly obvious…

That I really am totally obsessed with collecting!

I adore what happens when you group together similar interesting objects to make a quirky collection, in my eyes it becomes like a work of art.  This can look amazing in an interior consisting totally of other ‘old and interesting’ objects sometimes know as ‘antiques’ sometimes know as ‘junk’.  Either way I adore a collection, whether it be teapots, taxidermy, old keys, decanters, candelabras or snow domes.   Mix them with Antiques & Junk or marry them into the clean lines of a contemporary space to add a touch of interest and the unexpected.

So my advise… Start collecting and group together the things you love and put them on display!



Here are some other images I found, seems like I’m not alone……


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