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Culburra House: On The Home Straight…

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And it feels like we’re at full gallop!  The house now boasts external AND internal walls (!) as well as a roof, doors and windows, a floor and an enormous new deck, complete with awning! The gyprockers have whirled in and out again, and what a difference it makes having the walls in place! The plumbing and electrics are roughed in, and all other trades are lined up like ducks, ready with tools in hand. Now’s not the time to mention all the custom made furniture that’s also currently being built across Sydney, so more about that in another post.

It’s been a very busy 21 weeks since exchanging contracts: starting with the all important search to find a builder, a draftsman and all other advisers and permissions involved to make sure the house remained standing on the edge of a windy cliff. The main mission was to get plans drawn up AND the DA in and out of council within the 8 weeks between exchange and completion: it took 10 (not bad… considering!)  We’re now in week 13 of the build and have only slipped behind by one week, which, given all the variables, is to be expected. Especially since as we gave the boys the tightest of tight time lines to work within, which luckily includes a 4 week buffer.

We’re now zooming towards the finishing line and could not be happier with the way things are going; everything’s looking bigger, brighter and more fabulous than expected.  And although we’ve said it before, we’ll just have to say it again: Troy and Pete from Benchmark Building, YOU’RE THE BEST!  So glad we found you!

Even though the project has been a lot of work and a colossal amount of organising (that’s the understatement of the century!), it’s been so much fun. For us, it’s like visiting Disney Land every week to discover another amazing new ride, but with an incredible beach as a beautiful backdrop.

Stay tuned: updates will now be coming thick and fast!


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Culburra House: Troy & Moo

We thought this shot needed a post all of its own.  Troy positioning our Moo (a full scale, Norwegian moose-head light!).  Where else could Moo go but centre stage of the playroom, to overlook the pool table.  I think he needs a hat!


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Culburra House: Scaffolding

This week a network of scaffolding was put up to enable assembly of the new roof, and with the bones of the structure in place, there’s now something to frame the view and it’s beginning to look like a house again! It’s much easier to visualise the size of the soon-to-be sitting room and the glorious height of its ceiling. The builders have been toiling day by day for 12 weeks, and with work due to finish in 5 weeks (lets call it 6!) there’s plenty of time to finish Santa’s landing strip!




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A Clatter Of Platters

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I’m not sure what the collective noun for a series of decorative plates is, but I feel it should be a clatter of platters! Especially since the arrangement of which was not an entirely noiseless affair! We recently helped a client produce an alternative to the conventional headboard for their newly refurbished guest room. Having sourced a few additions to their previous assortment of china platters, we set about first scattering them on the bed, then aligning, arranging and re-arranging them until a pleasing disorder had been made from the chaos, and our trusted art hanger (with a steady hand) could hang them in place. I think it turned out rather well!

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Culburra House: Fabulous Flora & Fauna

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Just in case the spectacular view, the sound of the lapping waves and the dulcet tones of children playing on the sand aren’t enough to transport you into instant holiday mode, we thought we’d add a little botanic va-va-voom to both the interiors and the landscape, in the form of some lush, oversized palms and vibrant bougainvillea. Now, you’d be justified in thinking that indoor plants can come off a little…let’s say, ‘Nanna’, but the right plant in the right pot and in the right proportions, can add a huge amount of contemporary Je ne sais quoi! And of course, as any visitor to our Debra Cronin Design website will know, conventional treatments of furniture, decorative pieces, or indeed paint colours are just not our style. So in true DCD spirit, we’ll break with the anticipated white backdrop (so typical in the Mediterranean) and layer our bougainvillea over a contemporary and cool grey exterior.

I can feel a pina colada coming on!


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