Culburra House: Bathing Beauties

Since arriving by ship from Bali, these palattes of crazy pavers, stone tiles and enormous 2-tonne stone bath tub have sat in the garden, patiently waiting for their turn on the merry-go-round. And sure enough, this week saw the stone tiles eagerly unpacked and whisked into place by an expert hand: lain across the laundry room floor, shower wet room, spreading to the bathroom floor and extending seamlessly up one wall, neatly positioned behind some beautiful tapware. But it was the bathtub that had the most fun at the fair with a ride on an enormous crane, all the way along the neighbouring reserve, over the garden fence and in through the bathroom windows (which had to be specially removed for the performance), before being snuggled into pride of place!

By next week, the final elegant fittings from The English Tapware Company will be installed and plumbed in, rendering these beautiful rooms primed for luxurious ablutions.


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