Contemporary Style

What is contemporary interior design? A lack of fuss? Bare walls? Colourless spaces? More than just clean lines and hard edges, Debra believes true contemporary interior design is a reflection of today’s society and the desire to combine comfort and style. It’s a subtle sophistication and casual elegance, practicality and style. Think light filled spaces mixed with splashes of colour and textures that stimulate the senses. Contemporary Interior Design is about art and bold oversized pieces that interest, inspire, entertain and keep a space alive. 

Debra is intuitive and methodical in her creative madness. If fussiness is required to create interest, she carefully chooses which objects they must be. If clean lines are needed to create a restful spot for the eye, she considers how to bring this into being.

Indeed, when it comes to contemporary interior design, Debra has a sixth sense for what a space needs and puts together a large stack of ideas for her clients, everything from furniture, fixtures, fabrics, appliances, lighting, artwork and a colour palette from which she weaves her magic. Using soothing tones of linen and grey, soft inviting fabric choices, along with comfortable oversized pieces of furniture and lots of great lighting, industrial spaces become warm and inviting, and bland spaces find their personality. No

Debra believes that when a space is a work of contemporary interior design one must add something old, or a hint of industrial into the mix to pique interest and keep a space from looking like a showroom, and that by using the finest finishes, classical and contemporary furniture, global objects, sumptuous textiles and unusual treasures a living space can be transformed into a contemporary haven.

Debra’s desire for all her clients? To have a wonderfully unique, individual and comfortable home, is that not contemporary and inspiring for us all!