Eclectic Style

In her topsy-turvy world of Alice in wonderland meets the Adams family there is perhaps no truer adjective to describe this designer who finds beauty in the odd and delight in things worn and battered. It is Debra’s flair for eclectic interior design that has pushed her ahead of her field and gained her a reputation for having a true eye for style.

The marriage of 19thc antiques, 20thc design, architectural concepts and quirky elements are at the heart of Debra’s eclectic designs, where the fusion of different styles seamlessly create a unique and individual result for each client.

The ability to blend styles is definitely an art form. The key to eclectic interior design is in the deliberate mix of pieces, not just items thrown together in a jumbled assortment; there is usually a shared theme, a common component that pulls everything together. And this is definitely what Debra does best.

From her extensive travels abroad and her interstate and international contacts she has her fingers firmly on the pulse of what’s happening in the eclectic interior design realm. She immerses herself in the eclectic interior design process of layering objects from different eras, trawling the Internet, foraging through markets and frequenting auction houses, from where she handpicks items from around the globe.

Methodically choosing pieces because of their beauty, intrigue and character, the goal of eclectic interior design is a controlled contrast of diverse elements, each with its own purpose. Textured rugs to soften industrial spaces, modern fabrics for cushions that rest upon rustic French settees, chipped paintwork paired with fine chandeliers, a whimsical collection of shells housed in antique bell jars, all complement and sing when Debra brings them together.

The outcome? A warm and comfortable, aesthetically pleasurable, fulfilling and functional environment tailored to an individual purpose. A stunningly unique result for every eclectic interior design client.