Neutral Bay Kitchen Renovation

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a busy Interior Decorator in possession of an expectant client loves it when a plan comes together (to mix my literary and popular culture references!)

5 months ago a previous client returned to us with the immortal words ‘We’d like a new kitchen’, which, naturally, was music to our ears!  The brief entailed installing an entirely new kitchen and adjoining laundry room, painting the study and refreshing the ground floor floorboards. Being a huge ‘foodie’, the client wanted the kitchen to continue to be the soul of this family house, whilst combining leading edge functionality with a beautiful, contemporary look to accompany the rest of the recently redesigned house.

Over the coming months, after long deliberations with the wonderful and indefatigable kitchen planners at Poliform, designs were finalised, marble and appliances chosen and the exquisite cabinets ordered from Italy.  So, whilst the family are away on holiday this month, work has begun!

The first day installing a scheme marks the beginning of the end of a long design process, packed with decision after decision on every minutia and sustained communication both with client and work force. Co-ordinating tradesmen and craftsmen; setting and re-setting timeframes; amending, altering and tweaking the finer points of each element until every detail has been given due attention, the task list is seemingly endless. And however organised and practised you are, the sheer volume of responsibilities and people involved sometimes results in an element of surprise when it comes to installation day! Which is why I maintain that the copious amounts of anticipation and excitement at this stage of any project is tempered with a dash of trepidation!  Will it all go to plan? And most importantly, will the client be thrilled with the results? Because, call us fussy, but anything less than elation just doesn’t cut it!

The accompanying images show the before photos of the kitchen and laundry rooms, and as they are now, part way through the project.  We’ll post completed pictures over the next few weeks! And just to show you the look and feel of the whole house, I’ve also posted other before and after, completed during earlier phases of the project (more on our website under ‘Interiors’ tab).

Incidentally, you’ll be pleased to hear that, in true Green spirit of our times, rather than sending the cabinets and appliances to landfill, we sold the entire kitchen, lock, stock and barrel, on Ebay, dispersing it into homes across Sydney, where it has found another life.

Kitchen 1, before (image above) and during:

Kitchen 2, before and during:

Kitchen 3, before and during:

Laundry, before and during:

Dining Room 1, before and after:

Dining Room 2, before and after:

Exterior, before and after:

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