We’re At It Again!

No sooner have our new clients disappeared on holiday, than we’ve moved the builders, plumbers, electricians and painters in to work their miracles in a flurry of creative (and partly destructive, when it comes to knocking through walls) industry!

What started as a little job to help our charming clients decide on a spot of re-upholstery, has ballooned into creating a new kitchen, expanding a burgeoning teenager’s bedroom into a a private suite any girl would be elated to call her own, adding a laundry room, repainting upstairs and down, embellishing some rooms with new window treatments…not to mention the plethora of antique furniture to be re-upholstered.

But when you see the photos of this unique, rambling period property, oozing charm and bulging with incredible antiques (some boasting particularly gratifying provenances), you’ll see why one little job has mushroomed into one big job!


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